About A Kind of Library

unnamedThis project started in January 2007 with a post called “We Demand Windows,” which explains a lot of my inspiration–in short, I don’t want this to be a space for book reviews or even academic writing, but rather a place to pull out the most thought provoking aspects of my reading life that might be relevant to others, too. I’ve been writing about books almost every Saturday morning over coffee since.  Looking back at the years in between, I’ve learned there are immense personal journeys to be had across pages of fiction and entering into story is an incredible opportunity for reflection and growth.

My favorite books have a poetic slant in the writing and/or an interesting historical or cultural context. Each December I create a “year in review” of my top ten favorite books and passionately track my “summer reading,”  which would both be a good place to start if you are looking for your next book.  I’ve also recorded my posts across themes, so check out the categories in the side bar if you are looking for something in particular like beauty, longing,  story as metaphor, or why 8th graders aren’t jaded.

I’m so grateful for my readers here.

I’ve been teaching 8th graders in Brooklyn about reading and writing since 2004 and though I reference my own “writing about reading” with my students, this blog is not associated with my teaching, school or district and solely reflects where I find myself as a person.  I blog for my students as a support for their work at www.room116ela.blogspot.com.

Thanks for visiting.