i want to go to there.

I just wrote an email to some friends who are doing a similar trip to the United Kingdom that I did a few years ago. I was using my photo album from the trip as a guide to send them links of the hostels where we stayed and some of the places I’d recommend. My heart just began to ache for England. All I would like to do right now is order a cream tea with some kindred spirits and then fall upon the grass and read. Then maybe go hiking.

I know I’ve already written about it just a few weeks ago, but since then I’ve realized that the majority of my reading this summer has been rereads of my favorite books, most of which take place in English countryside, London, or countryside from a century ago. Harry Potter 6, Anne of Green Gables, Pride and Prejudice and I think I’m going to reread Swallows and Amazons next (which I can’t recommend highly enough if you love kids stories with adventure and imagination). All of these books just capture me. I realized it was getting bad (or good…) when after I read Anne of Green Gables for the hundredth time, I couldn’t even look at a book that took place in the modern day.

Anyway. My summer reading update is that it has been completely wonderful. I don’t have a lot of deep thoughts, but my heart is just soaring because of these stories.

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