summer reading is almost here! or, an abundance of links and recommendations to help you craft your own summer reading list.

Officially summer starts June 20 though people have been in summer mode since Memorial Day, but mine starts June 28th.  Mt first day off school.  I love my job for a lot of reasons, but especially for the glorious time to get lost in a crazy amount of books for 8 weeks every year.  Last year my book club committed to a tiny type 1,000+ page book which was great, but consumed my summer reading life, so this year I’m looking forward to more freedom. The end of the school year is also always so hectic, so I am looking forward to thinking a bit more deeply in the coming months, which was an upside to last summer.  Here’s the list so far, but I’m still soliciting recommendations and leaving some room for spontaneous decisions, obviously.

From my ongoing book list
{summer reading start}

I have been compiling a list on my phone of book titles I come across browsing in my favorite bookstores, in magazines and on blogs that sound compelling.  On Sunday I walked over to my favorite bookstore in Brooklyn, Greenlight, and went through the list and picked out the four that made me the most excited to get started with the reading plan:

1. A Short History of Women by Kate Walbert: this has been on my mental list for years and chronicles the story of five generations of women and studies the relationship of mothers and daughters.

2. Broken Colors by Michele Zackheim: from one of my favorite imprints, Europa (see The Elegance of the Hedgehog and A Novel Bookstore), this story is written up as lyrically beautiful and historically set, two of my favorite kinds of books.  It follows a woman’s life through her artistic passions.

3. Stone’s Fall by Iain Pears: a highly recommended mystery set in London, Paris and Venice, told backward in time from 1909 to 1867.

4. Everything Beautiful Began After by Simon Van Booy:  three characters’ paths cross one summer in Athens

Young Adult

{young adult non fiction}

Of course, I have a few titles I want to read for the youth.  This summer, I’m trying to focus on some of the new non fiction I have in my classroom that I’m hoping to use in book clubs in the fall.  These titles range from a graphic novel version of the 9/11 report to one about Charles Darwin and his wife.  Sometimes I get a little leery of reading too much young adult fiction in the summertime, but I’m excited for what these titles could do for kids as readers.  Initially I hoped to be done with all of them by the end of June, but I think that’s a bit lofty of a goal. Ha.

Recommendations and Rereads

Geek Love and Ender’s Game from Nikki
reread Danny, the Champion of the World from Jenna
I always reread The Summer Book  
So, I’ll be writing along the way from Brooklyn, Louisville and the Hamptons this year, with an overview in September.  If you want to read along, let me know, because I am always up for book talks:) 

One thought on “summer reading is almost here! or, an abundance of links and recommendations to help you craft your own summer reading list.

  1. cp

    I haven’t started it yet, but I am going to read When You Reach Me (apparently a lot of Wrinkle in Time involvement… I can’t wait! Need to finish Divergent first)

    Also reading some Jonah Lehrer (if I can finish before all are due at the library:
    Imagine and Proust Was A Neuroscientist)

    I am on the library waiting list for Bonhoeffer!

    Did you ever read The Heir of Redclyffe? Good victorian read.

    Have you read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years? I liked that one. Its all about story (I feel like you may have blogged about it.)

    My sister is re-reading Anne, so I might have to do that this summer…


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